Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Small Town Not your Father's Root Beer

With the move only a little over 5 weeks away, my evenings and weekends are filling up with all things related to packing. This past weekend that meant taking a car load of stuff to the donation center, as well as taking a second car load to the in-laws for storage. Nevermind the endless packing. The wife keeps telling me that I’m going to have the whole house packed up too early. I figure it means I’ll be less stressed later, so I keep packing.

Speaking of the wife, something recently unprecedented happened: she asked me to go out and buy her a specific beer to drink. She had heard about Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer from a couple of our friends and was curious. One would think, with how long I’ve been trying to get her to drink beer, that I would have run out at the very moment she asked, not returning home until I had found it. That didn’t happen. Rather, I procrastinated and meanwhile she was able to score a six-pack from a co-worker.

I tried a bottle of the stuff and my review is straight forward: it tastes EXACTLY like root beer, and a very sweet root beer at that.

Melissa keeps drinking the stuff and really likes it. As I type, she is on her second bottle of the evening. She agrees that it tastes just like root beer, and added that she can’t taste any alcohol (it’s 5.9% ABV).

It’s an ale that’s spiced to taste like root beer and if nothing else, you have to hand it to Small Town Brewery that they perfectly cloned that root beer flavor. I’m glad the wife likes it, but for me, I need a beer to taste a little like beer.


Dos Equis Azul

Dos Equis Azul

When I’m at a Mexican restaurant, unless I’m drinking tequila, you’ll find a Dos Equis Amber in my hand. It truly goes perfectly with a giant veggie burrito. So, when I was sent a free bottle of Dos Equiz Azul to try out…hell yes, I’m going to review it.

The Azul, a spiced beer, is sweeter than the Amber. It’s packed with blue agave nectar, which for me comes through as a strong honey flavor. The beer is malt through and through, with caramel and grain flavors in the mix in addition. Finally, there is a super-distinct flavor of lime.

Although I absolutely crushed the bottle (super drinkable), it was just a touch too sweet for me. I’m going to stick to my beloved Amber.