Better Know a Blogger – Part 6

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Today I finish up the Better Know a Blogger series with a slew of random facts. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading the series. I had a ton of fun writing it.

Random Fact: I’m that guy who can’t take enough pictures of himself. I have dozens, if not hundreds of head-shots of myself saved away on my PC. I’m also that guy who will take your camera when you’re not looking and snap a bunch of pictures of himself making ridiculous faces. My favorite ones are the few that Melissa lets me snap with her in the picture.

Random Fact: I’m a World War 2 buff. I hate reading unless it’s a WW2 non-fiction book. I have a library of about 200 WW2 books.

Random Fact: I’m a huge fan of MMA. Yes, that sport where full grown men beat each other and grapple on the ground in positions fit for lovers.

Random Fact: I love golfing. When I become lavishly wealthy beyond my dreams I plan on spending all day on the golf course.

Random Fact: I’ve broken a number of my toes, some of them more than once. I’ve never broken anything else.

Random Fact: I should be dead. I totaled my Toyota Corolla in the fall of 2002 in a terrifically nasty accident. I walked away without a scratch.

Random Fact: When I was 9 I ate a pine needle on a dare. My recommendation – Don’t eat pine needles on a dare.

Random Fact: In 2003 I took “classes” to become Catholic. I now facilitate and teach the same classes to others.

Random Fact: We went to Vegas in August 2010. While there I developed a gambling problem.  I study gambling odds, specifically video poker strategy. I have dreams of Vegas a couple times a week. If there was a CD of casino noises, I’d buy it and listen to it at work. We’re going back to Vegas in February 2011.

Random Fact: I’ve never been in a fist fight. I don’t intend to ever be in one.

Random Fact: Coming out of high school I was a national scholar. If you know a high school junior or senior that has had a REALLY rough up-bringing, I highly recommend checking out the Horatio Alger Scholarship. Part of being a scholar included a trip to Washington DC where I met all kinds of people like Ted Turner, Ed McMahon, and James Earl Jones.

Random Fact: I am excellent at jigsaw puzzles.  I am a grand-master at Tetris.  I am TERRIBLE at loading the dishwasher.

Random Fact: Although I’m an engineer by trade, my math skills are God-awful.

Random Fact: I bear a striking resemblance to Montgomery Burns.

Random Fact: I use all-natural deodorant to avoid the side-effects of aluminum that is found in anti-persperant. 99.9% of the time the natural stuff is OK. .1% of the time I’m a little stinky.

Random Fact: The right side of my body consistently has more hair growing on it than the left.

Random Fact: Besides the dishes, which wifey takes care of, I do 90% of the remaining house cleaning.

Random Fact: As far as being “handy” around the house, I’m completely useless. I can AND WILL screw up anything home-repair related.

Random Fact: I’m a massive fan of 80s hair metal. I’ve seen Poison in concert 5 times. I’ve seen many others too: Warrant, Great White, Dokken, Vince Neil, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Cinderella (x2), Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Slaughter, Winger, and Skid Row.

And, to finish the better know a blogger series in style and with a little class…

I mentioned before that I poop a lot. There is a back-story to this, which I’ll tell right after I hit the bathroom…be right back…

Random Fact: I have irritable bowel. I’ve had it for about 13 years. It came on out of the blue and since then a half-dozen specialists can’t figure out the cause. I’ve had EVERY single test under the sun three times each. When doctors can’t tell you why your stomach is a piece of garbage, they chalk it up to irritable bowel. I’ve learned to live with it. Periodically, during a “flare up”, I have to stay away from certain food. I’m frequently uncomfortable – cramps, gas, general malaise. I have to plan travel carefully. I’m frequently armed with Gas-X and Imodium A-D. I blame gas on the dog…a lot. And of course, I crap. 5-6 times a day isn’t out of the ordinary. And although I keep quiet about my butt in the blog, I speak about it freely in my personal life. Discussions frequently become humorously centered around my ridiculous digestive track. On a final related note, my friends and I have discussed, and should I ever become a rapper my name would be Deuce-Master-Flex.

Better Know a Blogger – Part 5

This is the second to last Better Know a Blogger post. For this go-around I’m giving readers a little insight into how I make a living. God knows this blog isn’t paying any bills! :) If you missed previous week’s posts, check them out here:
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Next week I’ll bring us to the finish-line with a slew of random (and mostly embarrassing) facts about me!

My first “real” job was bagging groceries at Price Chopper. I acutely remember the job as well as my pet peeves with grocery store customers. Here are a couple of tips:

#1 – Always thank your bagger. Everyone thanks the cashier, but rarely the bagger as well.
#2 – On crappy weather days, return your cart to the store instead of leaving it in the parking lot. No one wants to collect 45,000 stray carts in the pouring rain or in 20 below zero weather. Do your part, ya lazy bastard.

On awesome weather days, leave the carts in the parking lot. In fact, take the cart and push it far far down the parking lot. When carts pile up outside, the bagger gets to leave the craptastic monotony of putting groceries in bags to enjoy the outdoors.

My freshman and sophomore years of college I had work study jobs, which I mentioned previously.

Around the time I was a junior in college I started working at D’Angelos sandwich shop. I actually really enjoyed the work. The benefits of free food were pretty sweet too. There are two D’Angelos memories that stick out in my mind…

First, Melissa would frequently hang out at the store during my shifts. She would sit at one of the booths talking with me when there were no customers. She always got a kiddie meal.

Second, each night before closing my college buddies would call and put in their food order. I’d come back to the dorm with an armful of sandwiches and played the hero to a bunch of starved (usually drunk) buddies.

While still a sophomore, I applied for a summer internship at a software/hardware company. 11 years later I’m still there. In the beginning I wrote the code and tested the code. I decided I didn’t want to stare at code my whole life, so I moved onto project and program management, which is where I reside today. I’ve been incredibly blessed as far as my career. I work with great people, I do well for myself, and I have great benefits. With that all said, I still I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

An additional benefit I’ve reaped from work is making great friends. I met my best buds Kevin and Sean at work and we’ve now been friends for a number of years. I hang out with these guys on a weekly basis and you’ve likely heard their names over and over in the blog. Among other things, we like to eat, drink, and play nerdy games together. I’m blessed to have great friends I can rely on to always be there for me.