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Shiner White Wing Belgian White

Shiner White Wing Belgian White

It’s an amazing, 70 degree and sunny day here in DC, and I’m finally wearing shorts outside to get my pasty white legs some sun. All I can say is thank dog winter is finally dead – for a while I felt like it was monster that kept coming back to life in a horror movie!

Since it’s such an amazing Spring day, I’m cracking open a brew I’ve been psyched to review for a few weeks – Shiner’s White Wing Belgian White. It’s brewed with coriander and orange peel (which sounds delish), and spicy Belgians are probably my second favorite type of beer, so I’m hoping this brew lives up to expectations.

The pour is exactly what you’d expect – straw yellow, crystal clear, with a nice mix of carbonation and suspended yeast in the glass, but very little foam head. There’s heavy coriander on the aroma with a nice citrus blend in the background. Yum.

Shiner White Wing Belgian White glass

Tastewise, I’m a little let down. The first thing I taste is a toasted wheat flavor, which then gives way to a seriously heavy coriander middle before ending on a kind of indistinguishable spicy and malty blend. White Wing is good, don’t get me wrong, but I was really hoping the citrus would carry through from aroma to taste.

Overall, this is a good-not-great brew. I’ll give some bonus points for the excellent label artwork, and think it’s be a great warm weather session beer because of the light 4.7% ABV, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to score a sixer of this seasonal.

Shiner White Wing Belgian White artwork

Leffe Blonde

Leffe Blonde

I can’t believe it’s been an entire week since my Boston beer-cation. Between hitting up Extreme Beerfest (complete with Josh’s crazy-popular bagel necklaces) then touring some of the town’s best bars Saturday night, and getting to hang out with a ton of LIBA readers at Sunday’s craft beer meetup, it was definitely one of my favorite trips in a long time.

Extreme Beer Fest

Bagel necklaces after an afternoon drinking at EBF

Unfortunately all good things must end (fortunately for my liver) and I find myself once again sitting down to review some beer. Since the calendar has now officially turned to spring, I’m sticking with the light theme and reviewing the Leffe Blonde. It’s a Belgian Abbey Ale, and comes in an always classy foil-topped bottle.

Leffe lives up to expectations, pouring out a crystal-clear golden color with tons of tiny bubbles and a massive foamy crown. Lots of spicy notes on the aroma, but also a hint of sweetness.

Leffe Blonde pour

Tastewise, this is an extremely well-done Belgian blonde. It’s sweet throughout the sip without being syrupy, with a nice blend of banana and cloves through the middle, before ending on a slightly grassy hop end note. I get a bit of alcohol burn, but it’s not overbearing and helps balance out the overall sweetness. There’s some mouthfeel here, but it tastes like toasted bread with honey, and is quite enjoyable.

All in all, an excellent blonde beer, and one that would be the perfect brew for an outdoor cookout. I’d definitely recommend picking up a sixer!