Brewski Bandz

Brewski Bandz

A number of weeks back, the folks at Brewski Bandz got in contact with me and asked if I would like to check out their product. As with any beer related product, I gladly accepted. It arrive a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t given it a go until just recently.

Brewski Bandz (2)

The concept is straightforward: marry the ever-popular rubber wrist band with a bottle opener. You can purchase the band via the Brewski Bandz website, although $9.95 seems steep for a bottle opener. The product can be customized for promotional purposes, although when I surf around the website, I can’t seem to find the link to request customization.

The product works just fine. I used it to open a couple of bottles, without issue. The fit of the band is a little loose on me, but I’m a relatively small dude – 165 pounds, with noodle arms.

Brewski Bandz (3)

I am struggling a bit to figure out when I would use the thing. When I’m home, I have a bottle opener on the fridge that I use. When I’m out at a party, I my key ring has an opener. Perhaps the intent is for the thing to be used in more “active” situations – the beach, hiking, by the camp fire, etc. However, in those situations, I’m most often drinking out of cans. I will say this, a few weeks back, during out Vermont trip, this thing would have been SUPER handy while we were in the hot tub.

Would you like a free Brewski Band to check out for yourself? I’m willing to give you the one shown in my pictures. Prize goes to the first person to comment on the post.


Freakers Drink Insulators Review (plus giveaway)

I’ll give one away with each post in the coming week or two!

At least once a month I get asked to review some new product or service. Sometimes it’s a phone app, sometimes it’s a physical product. I spare you all by politely declining the great majority of said offers. Because, seriously, do you REALLY need another app where you rate beer?

Once in a while something comes across my inbox that I take an interest in and take time to review. Once in a blue moon, I take an interest and then LOVE the product (e.g. my beloved Shakoolie).


When I got an email from the PR team over at Freakers, I was mildly entertained by the thought of adorning my beer with a designer sock. So, I took the bait and agreed to take a look at the product.

A week later, the box arrived. I was blown away in a few regards. First, I couldn’t believe I had received eight of the drink insulators; this was very generous of the Freakers team. Second, there was a hand-written note with an accompanying hand-drawn Notorious BIG graphic. Uber-props for the Biggy lyric reference.

Finally, and most importantly, the product is EPICLY COOL. The designs are interesting and funny. And from looking at the Freakers website, it would seem that there are a lot of designs to choose from.

Bad-ass hand-written letter from the folks at Freakers.
No. No. No. Notorious!

Most often, I give away all the swag I get. Sorry folks, not this time. I’m keeping the “Lance Tiny Arms Strong” for myself. Screw all ya’ll!

Now in terms of how functional the Freakers are, I’ll honestly say it’s a bit difficult to tell. I sense that this will come in handy come summer time. Spring in New England isn’t exactly the “I need to keep my beer cool” time of year.

I can see how the Freaker would keep hand warm, keep the beer cold and absorb moisture too. Those are all wins in my book.

Sorry folks, I’m keeping this bad-Larry for myself.

The one downside? If you’re using this on a 12-ounce beer, that means you’re drinking out of the bottle…something that some beer snobs may turn their nose up to. My take? If it’s summer, and I’m chilling with friends on the patio while crushing beers, I’m usually drinking a sessionable brew straight from the bottle. As such, I plan on using my Freaker as soon as summer heats up.

The Freaker is incredibly flexible, and fits all kinds of bottles apparently. The above 45 second video tells it all.

Totes magotes…

I don’t mean to over-sell a beer sock, but come on people…it’s fun and it’s functional. If you’re intrigued, you can either find them at a store near you, or buy them online.

OH, and of course, if you want one for ABSOLUTELY FREAKING FREE, add a comment below. First person to comment wins one.

I will repeat the contest with each LIBA blog post until I run out of these suckers.