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Brugal Especial Extra Dry Rum


About a month ago I received a complementary bottle of Brugal Especial Extra Dry rum. Although the amount of booze that I review on LIBA is really limited, I pretty much refuse to turn down free things. So, here I sit, with a bottle of white rum staring me in the face.


It’s confession time. Although I consider myself a champion spiced rum drinker, I cringe at the thought of plain old white rum. The libation and I have a little bit of “history” that goes back to high school. You know how the story goes: kid tries rum, kid likes rum, kid drinks too much rum, kid can’t look at rum for a dozen years without associating it with porcelain and dry heaving. That said, I’m ready to tackle this head on and put history in the past where it belongs!


Starting off, I’m going with a simple daiquiri – white rum, lime juice and simple sugar. I figure it’s better to ease into things rather than going straight at it. After a couple of tentative sips, I’m pleasantly surprised. Not only is the rum not bothering me at all, but I kinda like it. Furthermore, the drink is too sweet and the rum is too muted. Next step: on the rocks.

I pour a little on the rocks and take an even more tentative sip. This isn’t bad at all! Next up, pouring it neat (no ice, just straight rum). Again, I’m not offended by the taste and have no issues drinking about an ounce. The Brugal is smooth and mild. Describing the taste and giving a true evaluation is virtually impossible, as I lack any frame of reference with other rums. However, I will say that I’m excited that I’ve broken through this barrier!

And I have a surprise for you loyal readers who have stuck with me through this review. Brugal has given me this lime juicer and a “Far from Sweet” T-shirt (size Large). I’m giving this away at random. Usual rules apply: comment on this post to enter to win.