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My Visit to Slumbrew American Fresh Assembly Row


This past Monday I made a visit to Slumbrew American Fresh Assembly Row. American Fresh is the newest beer joint in town. It’s a beer garden built from a very large commercial tent and shipping containers. Despite being in a heated tent, and with Monday night being crazy cold outside, Melissa and I were quite comfortable during our visit.

American Fresh sports a decent sized menu, which I have pictured in the gallery below. The beer menu, as one might expect, is equally ample. We did not get any food, but I did enjoy a few beers including a sample of 2014 Yankee Swap, a 12% ABV imperial stout aged in Turkey Shore rum barrels. If you get a chance to try this beer, you absolutely must do so! Pleasantly balance, with only a mild hint of alcohol, I picked up faint hints of chocolate and perhaps even cherry. The rum barrels give it a truly unique flavor.


If you have a chance, I would highly recommend visiting American Fresh. Good food. Good beer. Good people. AMPLE parking, and easy to get to too!


Reminder: You can win stuff


This afternoon I’m headed to Providence, RI to help judge beer at the Great International Beer Festival. It’s my first “official” judging gig, although I’m not concerned. Let’s just say, after nearly six years of beer blogging, I feel qualified. I expect to have some interesting stories to share at the end of the weekend.

I’d like to remind everyone that I’m giving away some loot this week. I plan on picking a winner on Sunday, so consider this your last reminder!