Castle Island Jetty

Castle Island Jetty

Once you’ve reviewed 1000 beers or so, there are few surprises when it comes to tasting beer. Tonight, I was. The beer in my hand was Castle Island Jetty. It’s a 4.0% ABV, dry hopped, sour ale, with coriander. So let me get this straight – dry hopped (hoppy), sour (tart), and coriander (spicy)? If this doesn’t scream gimmick beer, nothing does.


It only took one sip to realize the guys at Castle Island did a decent job with the beer. Somehow, all these flavors play together well! It’s unlike anything I’ve had before. Sour flavor hits first, and quickly mixes with subtle hops. The coriander is lost in the mix for me. I expect that this beer will garner a love-hate type relationship with most. If you’re looking for something WAY different, give this one a go.


Cider Brothers William Tell with Strawberry and Cider Brothers William Tell with Pinot Grigio

Cider Brothers William Tell Strawberry Cider

With the awesome weather we’re having, I’m looking forward to the weekend. Although I will say that it’s going to be far busier than I would like. Saturday we’ll be celebrating my wife’s grandparent’s wedding anniversary. I think they are celebrating 60 years together! Saturday evening, we’re headed into Worcester to dance the evening away with our friend Cynthia, who we met through trivia. Sunday is more relaxed, with a pool party at the in-laws.

Cider Brothers William Tell Pinot Grigio Cider

Tonight’s review comes courtesy of Melissa, who recently tried two ciders: Cider Brothers William Tell with Strawberry and Cider Brothers William Tell with Pinot Grigio.

She enjoyed Cider Brothers William Tell with Strawberry the most out of the two, saying:

Very pretty rose color. Strong tasty strawberry flavor. Great on a hot summer day!

As for the Cider Brothers William Tell with Pinot Grigio, she had this to say:

Not sure what I think. Kinda weird. Maybe it would be good if I was a bigger pinot grigio fan. I’m not going to get this one again.