And the winner is…

I brought a bunch of swag back from Reno and CANFEST. If you’ve been paying attention, I promised to give it away to one lucky reader.

Entries were in the form of comments on my CANFEST and Reno recap posts. The response was great; thank you all who took the time to comment.

The winner was chosen at random…and the winner is…..

#31!!! Yay for 31!

I should also point out that #31 maps back to a comment that W.L. Wittstruck made, and he and his wife are going home with the lovely loot. CONGRATS!

Reno and CANFEST Recap – Part 6 (Special Thanks)

For my final post in the Reno/CANFEST recap series, I have to send out two dedicated shouts…

First off, Dan and Doug from Buckbean Brewing. Thank you so very much for putting on the contest for bloggers, and ultimately for flying me out to Reno for CANFEST. This was hands-down the coolest thing that has happened to me since I started blogging in early 2009. Everyone at Buckbean was just awesome to me. I hope I’m able to get out to Reno again to attend CANFEST again.

Secondly, to Ty, Constance, and Adam at Abbi PR a huge “thank you” is needed. You were all awesome. Your hospitality was very much appreciated. Your enthusiasm for your work is inspiring!

To Ty: Sorry we didn’t get to meet in person!!

Reno was a huge blast and it wouldn’t have happened without Buckbean and Abbi PR!!! I’ll never forget this experience.

I promised that with my final recap post I would show-off the album of all the pictures I took during CANFEST. Warning: There are a lot of them!

Don’t forget that you can still win some CANFEST loot simply by commenting on my recap posts. At the end of the week I’ll be selecting the winner.