Site Under Construction


Hey folks. Over the next few days I’m going to be tweaking with some stuff here at LIBA. I am still battling performance issues here, and it is coming to the point where I’m going to have to make some major changes to address the problems.

Long story short, if you see strange things (site down, new color schemes, errors, fewer posts) then you know why. I’m hoping to have things back in normal working order by early next week.

Wish me luck. Oh….and if there are any PHP / WordPress wizards out there that want to donate their time and expertise, I’d gladly welcome the help!


Site under attack?

This morning while debugging some lingering website issues I discovered that WordPress sites have recently been the target of a major hacking attack. The article is dated 4/15/2013 (yesterday) and notes the following:

Attacks against WordPress sites began last week, when some Web hosts and security experts reported brute-force attacks against administrative credentials using a combination of “admin” as a user name, and a list of common passwords. Compromised sites built on WordPress would notice slower back-end operations, log-in difficulties, or downtime.

Given the performance and back-end issues I’ve been seeing with LIBA, I would not be surprised to find out that this site has been a target.

The article goes on to state how WordPress owners can protect themselves. Good advice for my fellow beer bloggers!

Experts are recommending that WordPress managers change their log-ins, both user names and passwords. There are also security plug-ins available and two-factor authentication options available from WordPress. CloudFlare has also released a free tool that it said mitigates this attack.