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Riverwalk Brewing Company Visit


As I mentioned in my last post, I recently made a trip to Newburyport. During the visit I spent some time with the folks from Riverwalk Brewing.


Steve Sanderson and his wife Betsy started brewing operations in the summer of 2012 and since then have grown to a point where they expect to produce 2000 barrels this coming year. In the beginning, Steve was a one-man show, playing a role as brewer, salesman, marketer, janitor and more. The staff is still relatively small, with roughly a half dozen employees. The beer is self-distributed, and is limited to draft, growlers and “growlettes”, 32 ounce bottles that are available at select package stores on the North Shore.


The tasting room is worth mentioning, as it has a unique feel. “We are going for an English pub look,” said Sanderson. 1980′s era stand-up arcade games greet you as you enter. The games are completely free to play. The brewery aims to be kid friendly and in addition to the arcade games, it sports a toy box full of loot. The bar is made from an absolutely gorgeous solid pine slab.

Right now the tasting room pours samples only.

We met a woman who travels to breweries and puts stickers on her Jeep.
We met a woman who travels to breweries and puts stickers on her Jeep.

Steve works to locally source fresh ingredients that go into his beer and he is vehemently against using artificial flavors or chemicals. He is also very much in favor of only brewing seasonal beers in season (i.e. no August pumpkin beers from this brewery).

Me and Co-owner and brewmaster Steve Sanderson.
Me and Co-owner and brewmaster Steve Sanderson.

Our trip was fantastic and I was glad I made an effort to go to Newburyport for the day. I would like to thank Steve as well as to Sales Manager and “Princess of Ales”, Alyssa Kirk for hosting us and treating us so well. Thanks folks!


Chicago Visit – Recap

It feels like I have been out of the blogging game for the longest time. Perhaps that’s because it has been darned near two weeks since my last post! The last time I blogged, I was on my way out to Chicago for a long weekend. My trip was fantastic, although tainted by a 6 hour flight delay coming home. Many people told me how horrible O’hare airport is and I got to experience it first hand. Who the hell builds an airport along the shores of a massive lake? This placement resulting in nothing but disaster as far as weather goes. Getting back to my story, I was SUPPOSED to fly into Boston around 10pm. This turned into 3:30am, leading me to miss work that day. Good times.

Fast forward to tonight and I’ll be honest: I’m too lazy to write up a 10 page summary of everything we did in Chicago, so instead you get the below picture recap. Make sure you click on each picture to see the full caption/description of what’s imaged. Enjoy!