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We Make Beer – Giveaway Winner


This past weekend was pretty bonkers. As you may recall, on Friday I judged for the Great International Beer Fest. I ended up getting the IPA category, which I thought was going to be the most boring category ever. I mean, how many grapefruit-bombs can you have? As a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite. There were malty IPAs, bitter IPAs, session IPAs, American IPAs, English IPAs and everything in between. The experience was even cooler because I got to hang out with 100+ beer geeks from the industry, who were also judges. My partner for the IPA tasting was Alex Zielke, founder and head brewer for Portico Brewing Company.

Finally, don’t ask me which beers won. The tasting was blind, and I didn’t attend the awards ceremony on Saturday. Thus, I’m still waiting for Yankee Brew News to post this year’s winners!

I’m not posting a review tonight, mostly because I’m lazy, not because I’m not drinking (I had a DELICIOUS Backwoods Bastard earlier). I am, however, finally announcing the winner of the book giveaway.

We had 6 entries, and by random selection….Drum roll…….

Eric T. is the winner! Despite being a sarcastic bastard, Eric is a long time reader and a loyal attendee of many LIBA beer meetups. Congrats Eric!