Red Chair IPA

Red Chair IPA
OK…Washington state beer review #2 of the evening is Red Chair IPA from the Deschutes Brewery. If you didn’t catch my last review, my friend Kerry went to Seattle a few months ago, brought me back some beers, and we’re finally getting a chance to review them together.

The beer poured with a healthy amount of head. Sean was a big fan of the ampleness (another made-up word for those of you keeping score).

For the Aroma, we all agree – Tons of hops. Kerry and I definitely detect grapefruit. No hiding the fact that this is an IPA.

Kerry and I were pleasantly surprised that the taste isn’t as hoppy and grapefruity as the smell would indicate.

Sean doesn’t have much to say, as he’s still thinking about those two 30 foot birdie putts he hit today (prick bastard).

Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale

Pike Monk's Uncle Tripel Ale
I just got home from playing 18 holes. I played well…on about 5 holes. The rest was a train wreck. Oh well. Now I sit down with Sean and Kerry to try out Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale that they bought in Seattle in May. We’re finally getting a chance to sit down and drink the delicious beverage.

* Kerry: Cloves
* Sean: Hops “odor” (note: I taught Sean the better word is “aroma” or “scent” vs “odor”. :)
* Lost: Bananas and bready.

Quite a mixed bag!

* Everyone says it is smooth.

* Sean: Mostly bitter
* Kerry: Slightly bitter
* Lost: Spicy, bitter, no bananas.

Sidenote: We all agree that we could get in a lot of trouble, given that the beer doesn’t feel/taste like a 9%er.

Final thoughts:
* Sean: Not the type beer I would generally enjoy, but this one was good.
* Lost: Not the best beer I’ve ever had, and not the worse. The taste was a little too funky for me.
* Kerry: Smooth, easy to drink. Perfect for getting “hammad”.