Schlenkerla Marzen – Cheese Beer?

Schlenkerla MarzenNote: Enjoyed on February 18, 2009.

So there is very little English on this label. It was pretty clear that it was a German brew. I picked it up because one of the things I recognized was “Marzen”, which is a relatively rare type of beer, at least in this part of the country (I don’t know about elsewhere). There is an absolutely delicious Marzen that comes in a Michelob holiday pack, so I wanted to try another one.

Note: If you ever see the Michelob holiday pack for sale, BUY IT FOR ME. I look for it every holiday season and have found it twice in 5 years. Anyhow, back to the Schlenkerla….

The first sip was quite a shock. I had never experienced a “smokebeer” before. I don’t know if this is a German phenomena, but it is intense. Picture a piece of hickory wood, and now picture sucking on it. No lie, it tastes JUST like Gouda cheese.

It is pretty rare that I can’t finish a beer, and this was one of those times. The flavor was just too much for my American pallet. I did alright, getting 3/4 the way through the pint!